Monday, March 30, 2009

New Moon Actor?

Ok, so I was reading some things about "New Moon" ( The sequel to Twilight, but it is also being made into a movie this very moment) and I cam across some very interesting news I am VERY happy about, although it's not completely known to be true yet.
As many of you know, i'm a very big fan of the hit musical " Sweeney Todd". There was a recent movie adaption of Sweeney Todd, and Jamie Campbell Bower, who played the young failor, Antony, may be cast as Caius, a member of the volturi, in New Moon!

Here are some links that may be helpful:

As you can see, it's only gossip.. but apparently he confirmed it to BBC, but we'll see. I am very happy about this because although I admite he's pretty strange, he is a truly great actor and was very good in Sweeney Todd. The only thing I hope is that he does not become some big popular actor with this, because I kind of want to keep him on the down low, only because if I hear people in school obsessing over him because of Twilight although I liked him waay before then, I will be annoyed XD I just want what is best for him as an actor.
As you can see, again, i'm very excited about this, and I will be being kept very up to date with it ^.^

Thanks for reading XD

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