Monday, May 11, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Ok, so i'm very big on watching movies, so I thought i'd talk a little bit about them here :) haha.

Ok, so first, I decided to start with my top 10 favorite movies, and people who I suggest them too xD

1. Sweeney Todd. I suggest this to anyone that's not faint-hearted, anyone who's mature, anyone who like Tim Burton or that dark-gothic feel, or mostly anyone who is a fan of Musicals, or Johnny Depp. I don't really reccomend this for young children unless they're really mature.. Rated R.

2. The Orphanage. I love this, it's very creepy. I don't reccomend this for fanit-hearted people either. It has a wonderful plot line though, and it's very sad. It will make some type of an impact on you.. it has to deal with mature things like missing children, car-crashes, very creepy paranormal investigations, and a mothers search to find her missing child. The story is very moving, a tear jerker in the end. Rated R. But it's not really "R" material. Only rated R because of one disturbing image having to do with a car crash, other than that, I say it's PG-13 material. by the way, this movie is spanish with english subtitles.

3. Elf. It's a christmas movie, but it's hilarious and it never gets old. Rated PG I think. Either that or G. For anyone, a family movie. Comedy, with Will Ferrel. Usually I don't like him but he's awesome in this XD

4. Signs. This movie by M. Night Shyamalan is not only hilarious, but very thrilling. About an alien invasion but done in a very emotional, not sci-fi, way. Great movie. OK for most people, I guess not really little kids. It's PG-13, more sad and upsetting than anything, not TOO violent.

5. W. Ha, this movie about George Bush XD. It's hilarious. I don't like Geroge bush, but this will appeal to those who hate him, and I suppose them who liked him. Pretty interesting movie. PG-13. Funny XD. Most kids coudl watch this, it's not violent all except for some war images, has some references but they'll probably just pass by.

6. Finding Nemo. This movie is terribly sad, cute, and amazing. I reccomend it for everyone, it's magical ^.^. Rated G.

7. West side Story. A gang version of Romeo and Juliet. Very sad, but there's violence. Tear-jerker, By Stephen Sondheim as Sweeney todd, and he's a genius. Wonderful songs, kind of a family thing, but I guess you gotta be a bit mature to understand it. PG-13.

8. Neopolian Dynamite. Amazing XD. completely pointless, but freakishly amazing. You'll love this the second you watch it, it's hilarious. I can't remember if this is PG but I think it is, there's nothing too bad in it at all. Amaaaziinnng :D.

9. The Music Man. Another musical, completely a family musical. Great music and all, rated G, great family thing. There's one made in 2003, and one from like.. 1962. Whichever you choose is good XD. I was in this play I played Marian. ( Not in the movies, lol ) Rated G.

10. Push. Ahhh this movie was great :D. Rated PG-13, still in theaters, I say it's ok for most kids.. there's some violence and this scary guy that screams constantly, but it's a really good movie. :). PG-13.

go look them up on IMDB :o

Monday, March 30, 2009


I couldn't figure out how to get this up on the gadget thing, so I reccomend if you listen to some of these songs! they are all by very good artists, and songs.. Please take a listen and tell me what you think!

--Edit-- apparently the playlist won't show up, so I'll post further about this. Thanks for reading! If anyone knows how to fix this, comment? lol thanks!

New Moon Actor?

Ok, so I was reading some things about "New Moon" ( The sequel to Twilight, but it is also being made into a movie this very moment) and I cam across some very interesting news I am VERY happy about, although it's not completely known to be true yet.
As many of you know, i'm a very big fan of the hit musical " Sweeney Todd". There was a recent movie adaption of Sweeney Todd, and Jamie Campbell Bower, who played the young failor, Antony, may be cast as Caius, a member of the volturi, in New Moon!

Here are some links that may be helpful:

As you can see, it's only gossip.. but apparently he confirmed it to BBC, but we'll see. I am very happy about this because although I admite he's pretty strange, he is a truly great actor and was very good in Sweeney Todd. The only thing I hope is that he does not become some big popular actor with this, because I kind of want to keep him on the down low, only because if I hear people in school obsessing over him because of Twilight although I liked him waay before then, I will be annoyed XD I just want what is best for him as an actor.
As you can see, again, i'm very excited about this, and I will be being kept very up to date with it ^.^

Thanks for reading XD

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Now let's get this thing started ^.^

Ok, so I've decided to start a blog.. It looked fun from what i've seen. but I want to make something clear, first;
I don't want anyone to feel like i've copied them with blogging or anything.. so if you feel like that, just privately contact me and I will do something about it ASAP. Thanks!
So I made the layour purple and overall I guess i'm pretty happy with the colors, but tell me what you think...
Also, this blog will only be used for all my friends on girlsense, polyvore, and the forum. I'm not using this for real life only because if I did, chances are my private information would be leaked knowing my friends, so yes.. :D
Anyway, I don't really plan on talking about girlsense much here... maybe polyvore, because I like polyvore better than girlsense, but other than that i'll probably talk about my life in general and rant about my problems and things like that. I also want to have a place where I can share my poetry with all of you and update you on news with my life..
I'd like to give a special thanks to BB and Speedy who I know had blogs before I did.

I'll post more soon!
By the wayyy, congratulations to Duckie and Moose for placing first place in some of the GUPS contest! You guys Def. deserved it :D